About Me

My name is Scott Lewis Chambers, I'm aged 22, married and I am a web developer, Android programmer and a hacking enthusiasts. My main goal is to create different or unique products.

I've been coding since I was 11, I started learning LUA, for an online game called “Roblox” I just had to find out how to make my own stuff and that began my assorted affair with the coding world. Next a friend introduced me to HTML. I was intrigued and began making my first step into website making. After I'd learned the basics I started dabbling in pseudo classes making hyperlinks different colors, text font a specific size that's when CSS came into the equation, and before long JS fascinated me and I began, trying, to learn it.

Before attending collage I began learning PYTHON, almost by accident. I had no intention of learning it, but I could make simple games out of the language and I could also make scripts that could be used to hack. Then a world I'd always had an Intrest in, really opened up. Hacking, it seemed so interesting, I love puzzles and problem solving. While I only ever grasped the basics of PYTHON and hacking, I still am very intrigued by it and continue to learn.

While at college doing a level 3 I.T course I started playing with VB, C# and Java, while only scratching the surface in class, my brain had to know more so I strove to learn what I could without impeeding my studies.

In my second year we began going in depth into PHP, and MYSQL. This spiked my Intrest in web development again and I dove back in creating my own websites using PHP and MYSQL. While at college I got my first job in making websites for a small company. It gave me great experience in working with a team, and creating websites, editing websites, recording, updating and adding extra content all in an in a office environment

After 2 years working there I began to doing some freelance work under my company name, while I enjoyed it alot I unfortunately wasn't getting many jobs and I had to search for employment, while searching I began to get back into Java and creating small games, and apps.

I ended up working for a Windows fitting company to get me started financially. However my desire to code hasn't wavered over the years, I have continued to learn new things and I currently sell watchfaces I've made for Android wear on Google play.

Hobbies And Intrests

Suits I like looking smart, and a nice suit is perfect for that. I take pride in my appearance and hate to look scruffy.

Maths Maths has always fascinated me, I like problems and trying to solve them and what better problems are there than maths problems!

Technology I like technology, it is a heavy Intrest of mine. I like to see the advances being made in both home use, medical use, robotics and other. I especially like to see how they work and if I could create something for that piece of technology, I was heavily behind project Ara, before it was scraped.

Cars I have grown up around cars. F1 is about the only sport I'd watch. My dad's always had sporty cars and taken me to car shows. My cousin has always had cars he's built up, restored, repaired.

Architecture Architecture really interests me and I like hearing about the history of it, learning about it, while I doubt a job in it for me is on the horizon, I still like the design and beauty of a well thought out building.

Science For as long as I've been alive I've had an Intrest in science, mainly I think because the world, the universe, nature everything is like advanced code and amazing architecture. For most of my secondary school years and collage I wanted a job in the field of biomemetics, I wanted to make advanced prosthetic limbs and work on a code that could learn and adjust its code.

Hacking Hacking remains a firm interest of mine, cybersecurity or pen testing is a job that seems to pull me towards it with each passing day. I like exploring, problem solving and I like programing. It is an interest and a hobby for me. I've always liked using Linux, it's a preferred OS for me.

Literature English literature is something I have always enjoyed. Shakespeare is something enjoyable to me, I like reading books, fantasy, history, science and mystery which is among one of my favorites to read, I like trying to solve the murder and who done it before I finish the book.

Creativity DIY and building things out of wood such as furniture. I've always been a creative person if something isn't available for me to purchase then I'll try and make my own.

How do you?

How do you think your hobbies and interests help you in your job?
I like to be creative and solve problems that come up. I don't like the awnser no, or can't be done. I like to try find someway to do it.

What are your weaknesses?
~ I sometimes doubt my abilities and what I can actually do.
~ I sometimes think of the most complicated ways to solve problems rather than trying to do a simple solution.
~ I'm a little shy and not great at small talk initially, but once I get comfortable I'm okay.

What are your strengths?
~ Keen puzzle solver and once I have a task I work as hard as I can to finish the task.
~ I'm quite good at public speaking.
~ I like working in teams, but perfectly happy to work alone.
~ Happily turn my hand to anything as long as I can learn what to do.
~ I speak Spanish.
~ Not afraid to say I don't know.
~ I learn by doing.
~ I often build ideas in my head and can visualize what something will look like quickly.
~ I can think on my feet.
~ Fast learner.

What motivates you?
Enjoyment, creativity, solving a problem I must solve the problem I can't stop, and being able to make something that truly stands out or that I really like.











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